Contemporary and Future Research into Alexithymia

Hugo’s talk, ‘Interoception, insight and emotional engagement’, keyed into current research.   Sarah Garfinkel was an invited speaker who sat on the final panel discussion.   Sophie Betka attended in her capacity as PhD researchers.   Alexithymia describes a difficulty identifying and describing one’s own feelings. While it has been…

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Hugo Critchley receives the Paul D McLean Award

APS 75

Hugo was presented with the Paul D McClean Award for outstanding neuroscience research in the field of psychosomatic medicine at the American Psychosomatic Society’s 75th Annual Scientific Meeting in Seville, Spain.


His talk was entitled ‘Integration of mind and body through cortico-subcortical interaction: Relevance to expression of psychological and psychosomatic symptomatology.’

Hugo speaks at MQ’s Mental Health Science Meeting

MQ’s Mental Health Science Meeting is one of the largest international scientific events of its kind dedicated solely to mental health research. Now in its 3rd year, the meeting brings together researchers from across disciplines to explore cutting-edge new ways to understand, treat and prevent mental illness. The 2-day programme includes keynote…

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