Tourettes Action

Dr Charlotte Rae’s MRI brain scanning research on Tourette Syndrome, featured in a documentary developed by patient participant Brent Zillwood, has been showcased on the Tourettes Action YouTube channel. Tourettes Action ( is the national advocacy charity for people with tics. Listing of the documentary on their YouTube channel will help educate and inform the patient community on recent findings on the neural basis of Tourette Syndrome, and raise the profile of our research conducted using the MRI facilities here at BSMS.

Is it possible, or desirable, to measure the quality of an artwork?

In a world of shrinking resources, the question of how we decide which art should receive finance is ever more pressing. Rosemary Laryea asks if, when putting money into good quality art is the goal, it’s possible to set criteria to judge what makes “good art”. Rosemary talks to members…

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Mental Wealth

Sarah Garfinkel spoke at the Mental Wealth Festival; This festival featured talks, debates and workshops, from politicians to health sector innovators, mental health campaigners to business leaders, to arts institutions and leading charities. Her talk was in collaboration with MQ, a charity devoted to mental health research. She discussed her work…

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Psycho: shaping mental health narratives?

The 1960s were a period of intense struggles over knowledge about the human mind, with psychologists, psychiatrists, and psychoanalysts in deep conflict. It was also a period in which cinema became preoccupied with psychological ideas and the Hitchcock classic Psycho was part of this generation. Join us for a special…

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Why astrophysics and neuroscience look the same to a rubber duck

was the title of Charlotte Clarke’s session at Soapbox Science Brighton on 29th July, 1-4pm. During her career, Lottie has studied theoretical physics, astronomy and is currently at the Brighton and Sussex Medical School, switching fields from astrophysics to neuroscience to investigate the link between depression and inflammation in the body…

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