Contemporary and Future Research into Alexithymia

Hugo’s talk, ‘Interoception, insight and emotional engagement’, keyed into current research.   Sarah Garfinkel was an invited speaker who sat on the final panel discussion.   Sophie Betka attended in her capacity as PhD researchers.   Alexithymia describes a difficulty identifying and describing one’s own feelings. While it has been…

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Mental Wealth

Sarah Garfinkel spoke at the Mental Wealth Festival; This festival featured talks, debates and workshops, from politicians to health sector innovators, mental health campaigners to business leaders, to arts institutions and leading charities. Her talk was in collaboration with MQ, a charity devoted to mental health research. She discussed her work…

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Psycho: shaping mental health narratives?

The 1960s were a period of intense struggles over knowledge about the human mind, with psychologists, psychiatrists, and psychoanalysts in deep conflict. It was also a period in which cinema became preoccupied with psychological ideas and the Hitchcock classic Psycho was part of this generation. Join us for a special…

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Could an overactive immune system cause depression

Dr Neil Harrison’s work has received considerable media attention.  The BBC reported ‘Scientists in the UK are investigating whether some cases of depression could be triggered by an overactive immune system.
It’s a theory which is rapidly gaining ground – and there are now a number of trials testing whether some anti-inflammatory drugs might help some patients with depression.
Anti-depressants don’t work in a third of patients so if this new approach works it may offer them hope of an effective treatment.’